Morningland Dairy Raw Milk Cheese


"...that he may not seem to boast himself, he attributeth all to God, and therewith also confesseth that he attributeth much to the prayers of the faithful." 

II Corinthians 1:11 (Geneva 1599 Bible)


Dear Dixon Family,  My prayer for you is that the Lord will give all of you a good-night's sleep every night, and that He will replenish by a 100-fold all that has been taken away from you unjustly.  P.S.  We drink no other milk but RAW MILK.  CM, California

I heard about your farm from the Yankee Prepper on YouTube.  This donation is not much, but I wanted to do something to help.  I'll keep you all in my prayers and call the people you have listed on your website, to speak out against this injustice.  Be Blessed.  Numbers 6:24-26.  TT, Alabama

Joe & Denise, My husband & I are so saddened by the tyranny our government has inflicted upon you.  Of course this is a wave of evil that is coursing across our once great country.  We're sorry for the pain that you have so unfairly been afflicted with.  The godly character you both exhibited through all of this was amazing.  Praying God will restore wht the worms have eaten.  God Bless.  Psalm 37.  TA, Ohio

Dear Denise & Joseph,  Words cannot express my feeling of empathy for you.  As I viewed the video, I believe it was a radio show done by Fox News, you both showed such composure and self assuredness.  Our small donation is but a drop in the bucket toward your losses but we do hope and pray that it will be of some help.  We will be standing with you for the removal from office the officials that caused all this to be done to you.  And for the removal of the ones now on the gun control issue.  But, that is something else.  May God be with you and bless your new endeavor with His favor and prosperity.  He wants only the best for you and we do also.  Sincerely,  NO and JF, Florida

God will restore what has been destroyed!  Love & blessings to you all!  JS, Ohio

Owners of Dairy, I pray that God will protect us against these criminals.  What a terrible sin has been committed against all of us in this country, in what has been done to you.  Yours truly,  PS, Texas

Dixon Family,  I was moved by your video report.  You have been very brave & stalwart in your response.  Food freedom is a God given right that should not be interfered with by those who do not regard it as such.  I pray that you will be able to go forward & have your right restored!  I'll be praying for you in the days ahead.  All the best to you.  The Legal Defense team is great; they helped us with an overspray from the neighbors farm.  We eat mostly food grown here; it is organic.  We know we are healthier for it!  Hang in there!  Peace, RM, Illinois

I am so sorry.  I have been following your tragedy from the beginning.  I am outraged!  This is a rogue government from top to bottom.  May this new year bring your family a new start...God bless and keep you,  NC, Missouri

Dear Morningland, Our family cried when we heard of the end of your journey.  One hardly recognizes this country anymore.  We've been customers of Morningland for many years.  A way of life is dying...And we think we are a republic with a constitution.  Fortunately for us all, this isn't our home and our Father has a place for us.  May He Bless You and Keep you.  It is good to know you are a pilgrim on the journey with us.  We wish we could be there on the 25th to support you.  In Christ's love, MW, Alabama

To: The Dixon Family,  My heart goes out to you!!!  I am praying for you...Wishing you many blessings!  CF, California

Sorry to hear about the confiscation of your cheese.  I used to enjoy eating it.  CV, Missouri

The way that they use usurping tactics is shameful!  We truly feel for your whole family and pray that God's light will shine upon you...with an understanding and hopeful heart.  May your days of stress be behind you.  Blessings for a brighter future.  JT, Missouri

In that video going around showing the seizing of a vital portion of your dairy product, the verbal defense of your rights which you folks displayed was riveting and heart rending.  You stood your ground admirably.  You did everything you could do to accurately paint that gnawing situation as an act of tyranny by the government.  We have to read between the lines regarding what prompted the state to seize a large portion of your product.  It seems to some of us here in Massachusetts that the Obama administration punished you at Morningland Dairy specifically because you are a conservative, outspoken Christian.  In any case, we are in the home stretch as we walk through that dark valley just before our Lord returns...dark clouds are gathering and Christians will go through the storm, but there will come a day when the storm will end and we will be delivered.  The entire Psalm 37 describes this deliverance and reads like a glass of well water on a sweltering day.  For such a time as this "combat faith" is in order as we face 2013 while leaning on His everlasting arms.  We live in exciting times.  WS, Massachusetts

God Bless you good people!  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.  We love America's Farmers, the hardest working people on earth doing the purest job of giving us clean, real and nourishing food.  We love you and are on your side.  SK, Ohio

Dear Dixon Family,  We just learned of the injustices brought against you last evening while watching The Alex Jones Show.  We stand in prayer with you shoulder to shoulder as Our Lord and Savior brings you to wealthier places you have never before witnessed.  With the Lord before you, who can be against you?!  Love in Christ, B Family, Ohio

My children and I watched the youtube video of the unlawful, unconstitutional seizure of your property (cheese).  My children recognized immediately that a grave injustice was being done and were moved to write letters on your behalf.  You are right, we must humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways and seek his face so God may hear and heal our land...keep going and follow Him!  Blessings, GH, Arizona

Keep up the fight, brother.  I used to eat a lot of your cheese when I lived in Mountain View and it was Excellent!  TB, Ohio

Joseph & Denise,  I'm so sorry to hear about the final word on your dairy...I used to live (in Missouri) and enjoyed your cheese very much...the best of luck to you in whatever the future may bring.  I wish you peace and plenty in the time to come.  My thoughts are with you,  AR, New Mexico

I found your story of Morningland Dairy and your cheese business on the Internet a week ago.  Today, I am listening to your interview with Mike.  I am grieved at your loss and the devastation to your business and to the benefits of your cheese to those who purchase...I appreciate your willingness to help by being spokespersons for the benefit of others.  What a terrible endeavor to our country's well being.  Tyranny is what our President and politicians are doing on an hourly basis.  You both are fighting the battle with righteousness.  I truly thank you for stepping forth, knowing that the Lord is your protection...You know the Lord and He will bless you.  In Christ, KC, Ohio

Thank you for fighting for all of us!  ML, Massachusetts

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss as well as your livelihood.  I listened to your story on the Mike Evans radio show this last Saturday...God Bless.  BS, Michigan

Dear Joe & Denise,  We watched the youtube about your farm with sadness.  It's difficult to believe that such injustice is coming to "our" country.  After reading Proverbs 28:5 today, we understand it more fully.  It is our prayer that the joy of the Lord with be your strength.  Heaven is our home!  While watching the radio interview, it was clear that you have peace amidst this conflict.  We pray for a miracle for you - but if one doesn't come - we know the Lord is still in control & He is good.  In Christian Love,  MF, Wisconsin

Hello Fellow Patriots and Freedom Fighters, THANK YOU.  Just learned of your plight from my raw milk farmer...remember...Article 1, section 10 (United States of America Constitution) "No state shall make any law impairing the obligation of contract"  The federal government has no jurisdiction in the state...I have put the word of your situation out to all my friends and pray they understand the importance of the information they have received and will respond accordingly.  LH, Pennsylvania

Joe and Denise,  You put up a good fight for all of us.  We are ashamed that our tax $$ helped to put you out of business.  Often we thought about your dairy these past 2 years.  I am very outspoken on FB about your situation and will make many people aware of this.  Hugs to all of you.  AK, Missouri

Dear Joe & Denise,  I am very proud of Americans like you and am so ashamed of our government.  They ruined your business but they couldn't break your spirit; I truly admire that.  Sincerely, JV, Kansas

Dear Joe & Denise, I listened to your interview as posted on Natural News.  Thank you for your faith, perseverance and work ethic... Sincerely, EP, Kansas

Morningland Dairy,  It grieved us greatly to see salt of the earth folks like you being treated so unjustly.  Know that you are in our prayers and our Lord Jesus Christ will not let you down.  God Bless, MC, Oklahoma

Dixons, I had the pleasure of visiting your farm with my children in 2010.  It has been heart-wrenching to hear news of the injustices pressed upon your family...If there is a need we can help you with please do not hesitate to ask.  JA, Ohio

Dixon Family,  We are praying that the Lord would restore to you all that the locusts have eaten and bless you beyond measure.  In Christ,  MH, Ohio